Past to Present

The representatives of foreign shipowner companies assigned in the Istanbul branch established Chambre Maritime des Compagnies de Navigation Etrangères Constantinople – Foreign Shipping Companies Istanbul Chamber of Shipping on November 6th, 1902 in the last quarter of the Ottoman Empire.

Articles of association was in French and a Turkish translation was available in Ottoman script. This historical document consisting of nine articles and sealed on the overleaf mentioned the Turkish name of the establishment as; “ Ecnebi Seyr- i Sefain Kumpanyaları Dersaadet Bahriye Odası Nizamnamesi” .

The purpose of this Chamber of Commerce was to investigate the problems which may concern the ( Seyr- i Sefain) Navigation companies in the East, make efforts to resolve these problems if any, to follow- up the same and take required initiatives on these matters before the official authorities. The chamber would act as a mediator between the companies and between companies and merchants in settlement of disputes in good faith provided that they apply to the chamber.

The association was called “ Foreign Shipping Companies Istanbul Chamber of Shipping” since there were no Turkish companies providing agency services to foreign vessels in those years.

Decisions adopted in the 1st İzmir Economic Congress played a determining role in Republican period Turkey. Establishment of Navigation authority, supporting Shipowners and ultimately the coastal shipping( cabotage) right, in other words granting transportation right only to Turkish Flag ships between Turkish ports are decisions that survived this very day.

Owners of sailing vessels coming from the Black Sea strengthened have handed down the maritime tradition to the new generations in the transitional period to steamboats.

Commencing the movement to become an association in 1923 with the “ Turkish Steamship Owners Association” , Turkish shipowners assumed a historical duty for development of Turkish maritime with the establishment of Turkish Shipowners’ Association in 1939, and ultimately pioneered the establishment of Chamber of Shipping in 1982. Turkish maritime trade demonstrates development increasingly full of admiration in the recent years. Accordingly; Turkish Shipowners’ Association is serving as a professional organization ensuring solidarity and cooperation between the shipowners and the representatives of organizations engaging in maritime shipping by following the developments in the worldwide maritime industry while restructuring itself.